I feel like dancing

Ina || 17 || Norway

Running from lions, never felt like such a mistake


Alex Gaskarth and the infamous American flag pants. Credit goes to Getty Images. Do not remove the caption.

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can 5sos get drunk with all time low please and thank you 

we would have their mugshots in less than an hour

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Gaskarth falls and Barakat pounces. [x]

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FAVORITE FRIENDSHIPS: Josh Franceschi + Alex Gaskarth
for partyontheinterstate-

@joshmeatsix: I talked to @AlexAllTimeLow about this sort of behaviour

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Interviewer: You pretty much grew up on the road, is that fair to say? 

Alex: I would say so, yeah. 

Interviewer: What do you think is the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned - not as musicsians, but as guys. You started off as teenagers, you’re in your mid-twenties now. What’s the biggest lesson you guys have learned from pretty much growing up in the music industry?


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I’m so tired after being everywhere today 😴


Im a lesbian. Were all lesbians. Goodnight.

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Alex being cute in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge x

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